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General Election: Local Hustings

31 May 2017

The list below outlines where and when local hustings are taking place in the run-up to polling day. Come along and support our local candidates

General Election 2017: Hornsey and Wood Green candidates debate social care crisis

31 May 2017

In one of the general election hustings last week, a tax on salt, scrapping Trident and adding a penny to income tax were three solutions to the social care crisis put forward.

Why vote Green?

31 May 2017

We've outlined some of the key reasons why voting Green doesn't mean a wasted vote:

Meet Sam Hall, the Green Party General Election candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green

14 May 2017

Environmental consultant and local dad Sam Hall is standing for the Green Party on June 8.

Meet Jarelle Francis, the Green Party General Election candidate for Tottenham

07 May 2017

Jarelle Francis is standing in Tottenham in the 2017 General Election on 8 June

Haringey Development Vehicle threatens local communities and public assets

27 March 2017

Haringey Green Party is one of a number of organisations, groups and individuals who are mounting opposition to the plans spearheaded by Haringey Council to transfer all publicly owned assets that have any kind of development potential (and probably others, too) to a private company, called the Haringey Development Vehicle. Find more information and links to relevant other website below.

Major changes to the provision of Health Services – but the public is kept in the dark

03 January 2017

Haringey Green Party takes the view that any changes in public services that are likely to have significant impact on local communities and residents should be debated openly and publicly. Haringey Green Party is concerned that the real driver behind these plans is cost cutting. And at a time when both health and social care budgets are under considerable strain leading to real suffering of people, we call for the restitution of lost social care funding.

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato support for new Hinkley legal action

13 December 2016

Green MEP for the South West, and long-time campaigner against Hinkley C [1], Molly Scott Cato, has welcomed news that Greenpeace Energy, a green energy supplier in Germany, is taking renewed legal action through the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over subsidies for the new nuclear power station [2]. The new action follows a complaint by the supplier lodged with the General Court of the EU in Luxembourg last year against the EU Commission for approving billions of euros of State aid for the controversial nuclear project. The General Court dismissed this action so Greenpeace Energy has now lodged an appeal with the ECJ.

Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP and Green Party Brexit speaker on recent vote on triggering Article 50

09 December 2016

“Conservatives and Labour have joined forces to push the boat out into extremely choppy waters with numerous obstacles on route, and with no idea of where they will drop anchor. “I am delighted the Green Party's MP, Caroline Lucas, voted against locking Britain into invoking article 50 without any guarantee of specific plans; no idea where Brexit Britain is heading, and based on an arbitrary timetable.

If you’ve ever wondered why it makes sense to vote Green

09 December 2016

We know the UK’s voting system is not fit for purpose and ensures that the same old parties keep getting into power. So there are relatively few Green Councillors across the UK and where they do exist they are generally in a minority on a Council. In our neighbouring boroughs of Camden and Islington, there is just one Green Councillor in each, for example.

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