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Haringey Green Party select Emma Chan and Harry Chrispin as local candidates

27 February 2022

We have selected our candidates for the upcoming May 2022 Haringey Council Election. Emma Chan and Harry Chrispin are our lead candidates. 


As a junior doctor working in the NHS, health is my priority. An unhealthy environment often makes us unhealthy, physically and mentally. I grew up in Tottenham and love living here. We often get a bad reputation as a ‘concrete jungle’, but if you know where to look, you really can find healing nature relief. I don’t think that the Council always makes the best decisions about the wonderful pockets of nature in our area. That is why I get involved with conservation volunteering on
the marshes and the green space on the old St Ann’s Hospital site. You might also hear me talk at length about fridges. Like many of you, I’m sick of the site of dumped rubbish, particularly waste that can be harmful and difficult to dispose of safely. I decided to take action and started a petition to ask Haringey Council to provide free fridge collection.


As sustainability manager for a global hotel chain, my job is to reduce the environmental impact of the group as much as I possibly can, in line with climate science. Outside of work, I am active in several local environmental groups. The issues we focus on include conservation and fuel poverty.
Since moving to Haringey, I have been struck by the pride people take in their area. Residents feel a strong sense of belonging, and it is important that your candidate at the May elections has the same passion and commitment. The Council would benefit greatly from a Green Party voice to scrutinise
their decisions and ensure they focus on improving the quality of the environment in Haringey and St Ann’s. As a councillor, I would work tirelessly for a greener and healthier Haringey.

If you would like to find out about how we are working to get Emma and Harry elected, and perhaps find out about how you could help (e.g. delivering leaflets) please get in touch with us at info@haringeygreenparty.org.uk. 

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