Voters in Haringey respond to a positive pro-Europe message and the need for action on climate change.

1 June 2019

The Green Party took 18.4% of the vote in Haringey in this May's European elections - a significant increase from the 2014 result, where we took 15.2% of the vote.

Deputy Green leader Amelia Womack campaigning with activists in Haringey

The Green vote surged across the whole of London, but Haringey remains one of the areas with the strongest levels of Green support in the capital (where the overall Green vote was 12.4%).

We're delighted with this result, and that London has elected Scott Ainslie as a Green MEP. It tallies with the trend across the country of more people choosing to support a party committed to urgent climate action, and a positive pro-Europe message.

Thank you so much to everyone who was part of our campaigning in Haringey, whether by delivering leaflets, coming along to one of our action days, sharing on social media, or helping to organise things behind the scenes. We came together as a team to help deliver a great result - and had some fun along the way!

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