Haringey Green Party respond to TfL consultation on changes to 67 bus route

9 November 2018

Haringey Green Party have responded to Transport for London's consultation on proposed changes to the 67 bus route. The consultation documents are available here and you can read our full response below:

Haringey Green Party understand TFL’s aim to review the bus network. We agree it is important to ensure services match demand and resources are being used most effectively. However, we don't believe these proposals will have the desired impact and are therefore opposed to the proposed changes to the 67 bus specifically.

The 67 bus is the only bus route connecting Wood Green with Shoreditch. It is a popular route for both commuters and off peak trips, often reaching capacity en route to its destination.

“I use the 67 bus every day on my commute from St Anns to Hoxton. I was shocked by TFL’s proposals to shorten the route because the bus is at capacity most days. Especially along Kingsland Road where clearly, although there are a number of buses serving that route, demand is outstretching supply. If the route is halved, this will only get worse.” Said Anne Clark, Haringey resident and regular commuter on the 67.

The proposed changes will impact the elderly and disabled the most. The transfer from one bus to the other and the waiting time involved will leave both disabled and elderly passengers more vulnerable. It will increase the chance of incident due to the effort involved in transfer and the stress this could cause.

Alongside this, TFL state the changes are vital to ensure the Mayor’s Transport Strategy target of 80% of journeys being made by sustainable transport options by 2041. By halving the bus route of the 67, we believe more passengers, especially the elderly and disabled and those travelling at night, will turn to private transport options. Using private transport may be a be a safer option as it will reduce waiting for a connecting bus. However, in turn this will increase emissions and traffic on Kingsland Road, negating the impact of streamlining the bus services in the first place.

With emissions from public transport at a stalemate, we need TFL to take the lead on encouraging use of public transport. Yet, these proposals would be a deterrent for many in Haringey. Instead of terminating the bus at Dalston Junction as a means to reduce congestion, TFL could look to introduce fast track bus services. These could be buses that only stop at certain key junctions along Kingsland Road to save all buses stopping at every stop. This would provide a speeder option for passengers, encouraging more people to use the bus due to its fast service and reduce congestion along Kingsland Road in the process. With this service we believe there would be no need to terminate the 67 bus as planned because the issues TFL state will be resolved by our proposals.

We urge TFL to reconsider their plans. Given the stretched capacity on the 67 bus already, the needs of those less able and the urgent air pollution crisis, we can't afford to lose this vital service in the community. Instead of cutting services we should be looking to trial innovative new options to provide a bigger, better service for existing and new passengers.


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