Haringey Green Party object to lack of social housing in new planning application

24 September 2018

Haringey Green Party object to lack of social housing in new 6 site planning application for Tottenham Hale.

The party support new good quality homes in the area but believe the proposals put forward, by the developer, Argent, don’t fit the needs of the local community. The proposal doesn’t include any provision of social housing and predominantly offers 1 and 2 bedroom flats, offering nothing for local families. The lack of social housing goes against the Haringey Housing Strategy target of 40% of new homes being affordable. Considering the application has been made for council owned land, the Greens want to see the council stick to their housing strategy commitments and the promise of building council owned homes on council owned land.

The greens want to ensure the proposed ‘public squares’ are true community spaces where only the council and the police have the power to restrict activity in the square, rather than the developers.

Jarelle Francis, Green Party candidate for Tottenham, said:

"We know we’re in the midst of a housing crisis so we would welcome new homes in Haringey, but they need to be the right fit for the community. Unfortunately this proposal as it stands fails to meet even the most basic needs of the community. Haringey is crying out for more social housing and there are no plans for any. "Affordable housing"- defined at 80% of the market rate is not affordable for local residents and as the proposal has been made for Council owned land, the council need to ensure their promise to ‘deliver council owned homes on council owned land’ is kept. 

 We also need to ensure all new builds are carbon neutral and are at least generating the energy they will use themselves, there seems to be little provision in these proposals for that.

 Finally we need to ensure that safe walking and cycling routes are created. Tottenham Hale is an area already congested with motor vehicles which need to be reduced and poor air quality which needs to improve. Within the proposals there is minimal consideration in tackling these issues."

Tottenham Hale is a logical location for new developments, being a key transport hub and receiving a wealth of investment in infrastructure. However, the Green Party also want to ensure that this development will provide for further investment in the already busy systems whilst also providing safer, cleaner alternative travel options. They need to provide safer walking routes to local amenities and cycling infrastructure to reduce air pollution and improve health and wellbeing for local communities.

The full planning application submitted by Argent can be reviewed here.




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