The commitments your Green Party candidates for Haringey have made

24 April 2018


Haringey Green Party Manifesto 2018 

A Green voice on the Council

Green Party Councillors will prioritise:

- Implementation of zero carbon policies urgently in all     Borough departments - reducing air pollution and traffic,   taking recycling seriously and providing long term protection and management for green spaces

- Transparent local resident consultation and involvement on all development projects

- Decent social housing and care for those who need it

- Reversing cuts to youth services in the Borough


Climate Change/Zero Carbon/Air pollution


  • We will hold the council to its commitments in the Zero by 2050 manifesto and challenge it to accelerate the programme to achieve the targets by 2030
  • We will promote the creation of jobs and training in the Borough by encouraging the insulation of homes street by street
  • We will enable reduction in traffic and increased traffic calming
  • We support the Mayor’s new Ultra Low Emission Zone, coming in to force in 2019 and will campaign to extend it
  • We commit to supporting Haringey’s parks and green spaces by pressing for long term protected status and appropriate funding
  • We will encourage more tree planting and food growing
  • We will press the council to insist on the carbon levy from developers who do not build zero carbon homes and that money to be ring fenced for low carbon projects such as retrofit.


Council housing

  • We will make a vote for residents in all regeneration schemes a condition of planning. We will promote transparency and involvement so that all regeneration is resident-led, with funding for expert support for residents to plan their own regeneration. We support the Community Land Trust model being put into practice at the St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust
  • We commit to at least 65% affordable homes in any new council developments, with 50% at council rents
  • We will work with the council to run its own home-building projects (and to minimise joint ventures or PFI schemes) and use private companies only as contractors. We support bringing house repairs and major works back under direct council control and run more efficiently for the public benefit.


Community health and wellbeing


  • We will prioritise spending on social care in collaboration with recipients and carers
  • We pledge to support community centres in the Borough and to reverse cuts to youth services
  • We want to encourage walking and cycling in the Borough, and adopt Liveable Neighbourhood approaches as outlined by the London Cycling Campaign and Living Streets
  • We will campaign for a robust clean air strategy for the Borough and will stop through traffic in streets with schools during school hours.

Waste and recycling


  • We will ensure that there are resources to prosecute fly tippers, for example by using mobile CCTV cameras in known trouble spots
  • We will scrap the charge for green waste collection, work to increase recycling rates and monitor Veolia’s services to ensure value for money
  • We want to work closely with Veolia to ensure that there is joined up policy for waste processing with the North London Waste Authority and local recycling facilities.

You can dowload a pdf version of the manifesto here

Published and promoted by M. Powell on behalf of J. Francis, A. Clark and L. Jerome all of 19 Hillside Gardens, London N6 5SU

Printed by TamiKlicks, 52 West Green Road, London N15 5NR


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