Why voting Labour or LibDem won’t ‘keep the Tories out’ in Haringey

8 June 2017

Throughout this election campaign, we have seen Labour and LibDem leaflets and their supporters saying that you have to vote for them to ‘keep the Tories out’. This is nonsense and here is why.

Asking the voters of Haringey to keep the Tories out only makes sense if we already had Tory MPs or a realistic prospect of getting a Tory MP. Neither is the case in Tottenham or in Hornsey & Wood Green, where both current Labour MPs are sitting on healthy majorities and the Tories are nowhere near. If you want to keep the Tories out, you need to support the opposition in marginal constituencies and Haringey is not marginal.

Saying that you must vote for them to ‘keep the Tories out’ also shows that these parties would rather scare voters than engage voters positively on their vision of Britain. This is not surprising, given that those visions are rather questionable too. The Labour Party was happy to back Brexit in Parliament and is happy to sell off Council property for private profit here in Haringey. The LibDems have made a big play of being the party for Remain voters but is led by someone who calls himself a Eurosceptic. So what voters are being told by these parties locally is not backed up by them nationally.  

Voters must not feel bullied into voting Labour or LibDem. It seems that we may be heading for a Tory government however people vote in Haringey. This means that if you think Green, you can safely vote Green on 8 June.

Malcolm Powell.

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