Voting Green is never a wasted vote

31 May 2017

9 reasons to vote green in Haringey

1.    The Tories won’t win here, so voting Green won’t let the Tories in.

2.    Voting Green keeps the pressure on Labour to drop their plans for the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) by showing the strength of opposition.

3.    Voting Green is a vote for a better democracy where the number of MP's a party has is proportional to the number of votes a party gets.

4.    Voting Green is a vote to prioritise the environment and the policies needed to tackle climate change.

5.    Voting Green is a vote against Hard Brexit and for a positive global role for the UK, which our young people want.

6.    Most politicians only respond to pressure. If we want other politicians to take green issues seriously, the best way to do so is to Vote Green. 

7.    If you support Green policies, but vote for another party, they assume you support their platform. Do Labour, LibDems, Tories really represent your views? If not, Vote Green.

8. The more people who vote Green locally, the higher our national vote share and the more media attention we get.

9. And the more media attention we get, the more other people will decide to vote Green too.

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