Haringey Green Party vigorously opposes the Boundary Commission proposals for Hornsey & Wood Green and for Tottenham

31 October 2016

‘Boundaries of electoral constituencies need to be changed from time to time to reflect changes in population, but they should be based on up-to-date, relevant data and should not be used for political game playing’, says Greta Sykes, Chair of Haringey Greens.

Changes should only be made when relevant new data are available. Indeed, to represent the people of Haringey it would be fairer to use population data, rather than the electoral register, because so many people do not register to vote but an MP is still required to represent everyone in their constituency.

Haringey Green Party does not support the current proposals for either of the two constituencies we cover.

Hornsey & Wood Green is one of the few existing constituencies that meet the imposed size criteria. There is no reason to change its boundaries.

Dennis Bury, Haringey Green Party member and resident of Stroud Green states: ‘The main rail line from Kings Cross forms the eastern edge of Stroud Green, and effectively cuts it off from Harringay ward on the other side of the railway and thus from Tottenham. The ward was historically part of Hornsey borough, not Tottenham borough. It makes no sense to make the proposed change.’

Haringey Green Party strongly recommends that Tottenham retain its existing boundaries to recognise the large number of people who are not registered to vote but who nevertheless are democratically entitled to representation by their MP. Ronald Stewart, Green Party candidate in the recent St. Ann’s by-election comments: "Tottenham might have one of the lowest voter registration rates in the country. Giving us even less representation without taking this into account will disadvantage everyone who lives and works here. These proposals should really be thrown out."

Haringey Green Party does not support having constituency boundaries crossing borough boundaries as a general point. 

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